Water unleashes adrenaline!


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Just below the spectacular Marmore Falls, the Nera River, which descends from the Sibillini Mountains toward Terni, will make the rafting raft run hard, and you’ll have to hold on tight and paddle along to follow the course and not let the current throw you off track. Imagine yourself surrounded by the majesty of the waters powerfully flowing down between the thousand-year-old rocks, a true spectacle of nature just waiting to be explored (min 16 years; max 55 years).
Contact Rafting Marmore to raft right below the waterfall.

A little further upstream, the Nera River will surprise you, and take you on a safe and exciting journey through its rapids and hidden ravines. This is soft rafting, a perfect option for those who want a harmonious mix of adrenaline and fun, without sacrificing safety and the beauty of natural landscapes. Imagine yourself aboard an inflatable boat, surrounded by the majestic mountains and green forests of the Valnerina, ready to plow through the rapids with the gentle rhythm of flowing waters (suitable for everyone).

There are several associations that organize soft rafting upstream from Marmore Falls.

Contact us if you need more information.

It was water that designed the route of the Valnerina, and it will always be water from the gorges that feed the Nera River that awaits you with ropes and harnesses for an unforgettable descent into territories that no one can reach without the right equipment. That’s canyoning. You’ll feel like something between Indiana Jones and Rambo, but you’ll have seen and done things you didn’t even imagine doing!

But it doesn’t end there. Have you ever tried Adventure Walking? It’s more than just a walk-it’s an exciting journey through some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in Italy. Guided by expert instructors, you’ll immerse yourself in a world of unique emotions and sensations as you walk the trails through the crystal clear waters and fascinating landscapes that only Marmore Falls can offer.
Ask us for information, we will help you organize every activity!

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