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Taste the authentic flavors of the Valnerina

At the farmhouse we do not have restaurant service, but for this very reason we invite you to enjoy a unique culinary experience in the gastronomic excellence of the area!
In fact, in the vicinity of the farmhouse there are many places that will delight you with the authentic flavors of the Valnerina. Taverns, trattorias, restaurants where we go with our family or friends; real treasure chests of authenticity where you can taste the typical products of the Valnerina. Our mission is to make you live an authentic experience, wrapped in the genuine scents and flavors of our land.

Extra virgin olive oil

In our olive grove, we produce an extra virgin olive oil that is a true jewel, harvested with care and love for tradition. This precious nectar is then cold pressed in the communal mill in Arrone, where small local producers proudly bring their harvests. To taste this oil is to immerse yourself in the authenticity of this land, in every drop is the passion of those who cultivate it with love and dedication.

And why limit yourself only to oil?
A gastronomic trip to the Valnerina offers only an embarrassment of riches in local delicacies.

Black Truffle

The truffle species present in the Valnerina are the Tartufo
Nero Pregiato di Norcia, the Summer Truffle and the Truffle Winter.

The abundance of this tuber in our woods is why you will find it on the menus of every restaurant in the valley. Truffle is undoubtedly the king of Umbrian gastronomy, capable with its intense and unmistakable aroma to make every dish a work of art.

The Valnerina is also home to one of the largest truffle companies, Urbani Tartufi. The Urbani family has been synonymous with truffles since 1852, and in Scheggino, 10 km from the farmhouse, you can also visit the Urbani Museum, which tells the story of a family that has dedicated its life to truffles.

Cold cuts and cheeses.

The Valnerina valley alternates between forests and very fertile valleys with numerous pastures, farms and cultivated fields that produce a large quantity of typical products related to pastoralism.

Norcia ham and cured meats (from salami to capocollo,
the loin), made from selected meats and cured with
mastery, will give you an explosion of authentic flavors.

The cheeses (including the excellences, ricotta salata, truffle cheese and saffron cheese), made with milk from our valleys, will invite you to discover the richness and variety of our pastures.

Ferentillo's craft beer

The craft beer from Ferentillo’s Magester Brewery, with its freshness and unique character, will surprise you with every sip.
Andrea and Giovanni’s philosophy is to promote the area of Ferentillo and the Valnerina through beers: telling its
history and its legends through the names and labels,
telling about the territory and its products through the creation of the different recipes.
Local ingredients include the use of cereals such as spelt and Verna wheat, chestnut honey and merangole, an ancient local citrus variety now considered rare and usually applied to the preparation of food specialties such as jams and liqueurs.

Explore, savor and take home with you the gastronomic treasures of the Valnerina!

At the Santa Croce farmhouse we will know how to point you to shops, small delicatessens, grocery stores and shops for a gastronomic journey that will take you to discover the excellence of the Valnerina to bring back with you the flavors and emotions of this land.

Whether it is a gift for yourself or for your loved ones, these products will allow you to relive and share the special moments experienced here with us.

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